The Importance Of A Personal Investment Theory

What precisely is your personal investment theory and method? Do you know how a personal investment theory can help you? Whether or not you recognize it, you actually do have a theory or method relating to investment as well as money management. The choices you are making are driven by your main theory or approach, even though you never have discovered it.

Knowing your personal investment theory is essential so you can know how to come up with the most suitable decisions for your own. What you need from ones own investments will be different than what someone else will need, therefore you should come up with judgments that will work in harmony along with ones own pursuits. Your theory will push those choices.

Let us take a look at the best way to get to a personal investment theory and how to use it to assist you to create the best money choices overall.


Just what are your objectives when it comes to your investing? Your personal investment theory can help you accomplish those targets and must have these goals into consideration. Ones own first reaction could be that you want to get wealthy through investing, although this may not be sensible and not even accurate, if you give it some thought.

While just about everybody wants their money to grow, they also want to save money for retirement, for university, or even for a rainy day. In addition, they should save a specific amount at set times, like owning a specific in their pension savings when they reach a certain age. All of these objectives are linked into an individual’s personal investment theory.

Do you know your own investment goals? It’s good to sit down and write them out completely; you want to save, but how much? And, for how long? If you do not know your objectives then your own personal investment theory will be worthless and ones own investment techniques will not help you to attain those objectives.

It’s very good to think about your personal investment theory and ask yourself if you could benefit from some variety in your investment. Many consider investing as a way to simply raise their own cash, which is perhaps one aspect of purchasing stocks and other such options.

However, most investing that brings high rewards also means greater risk. Lower yields also mean lower risk, and these lower risks are useful for long-term benefits targets. ones own personal investment theory should include putting some funds away in places where it’s much safer, even if it means fewer returns.

Nobody can tell you what exactly ones own personal investment theory should be, however it’s good to think about how it affects ones own choices when it comes to your investment dollars. Becoming too careless can mean losing those dollars, but not taking any kind of risk may mean missing prospective returns. Knowing ones own personal investment theory and targets can help you make effective, balanced judgments regarding your own financial situation.

How To Run A Successful Event To Build A Better Business Network

How To Run A Successful Event

Events are a powerful tool for marketers to truly engage their consumers and leverage their brand. No matter what type of event you plan to run, there are a few points you need to remember to ensure your event is a success.
A successful Event Marketing Campaign is one that:

* Meets your brand objectives.
* Delivers a meaningful message directly to the target market.
* Complements your overall marketing plan.
* Provides a talking point amongst consumers.

The Strategy

Choosing the right event strategy for your product or service requires a thorough understanding of the brand objectives. You may require an experienced event agency partner if you do not have sufficient in-house resources to help you to achieve your goals. Look for a good team of experienced and creative minds who are ready to analyse every element of your product and service and its current position to design the best possible strategy. The following points should be considered:
Event Outcome

Clarity and agreement around the issue of event outcome is imperative. Key stake holders will have different views and perspectives of what they want out of an event. Defining and agreeing the desired event outcome means that the correct approach is taken. It means that the creative development of the event and the content to all work together to produce the right results. Ask yourself the following questions.

* What is the outcome you want for this event?
* What change do you want to effect?
* What tangible changes do you want? Eg Increase in sales, lead generation?
* What is the best thing/outcome that could happen as a result of this campaign?
* When the road show is over what do you want the guests to be saying about the event over coffee to their friends?
* What would be the ultimate sign of success for the event?

Target Market

Your target group are your guests. They could be prospective or existing clients or they could be staff. Again ask yourself: Who are they? Where are they? Why do you want them to attend? What do they like to do? How do we get their attention? What do they think/know/feel about your company now? What do you want them to think/know/feel about your company post the event?

Think about what events they have experienced before either with your organisation or with your competitors. What is their age group, are they an even mix of male and female? Understanding your audience is a good first step in the event planning process.

A clear message is critical to the success of any event. Knowing exactly what you want to say is imperative. It’s about what you want to say rather than how you want to say it at this stage? What is the main story you want to tell? What is imperative that they know when they leave? Communication of the message needs to be clear and concise. Consistency is key and your message needs to be included in each step from the invitation to web marketing campaign, to the event, the marketing collateral and the carefully planned post event strategy.
Brand Positioning

A good understanding of your brand position is crucial in building an event strategy. Is the event about a new product or service? Is it the launch of a new variable product or service? Are there set sales objectives for the product or service? Your brand position will assist in clarifying the best type of event your company needs and the most appropriate communication vehicle to engage your audience.

The creative development of the event can vary enormously. Considering the questions above certainly points you in the right direction to as to what kind of event will provide the most powerful result. It could be a national road show with international speakers or it could be a half day relationship building experience with key clients. A golf day, seminar series, exhibition, conference, experiential marketing campaign or any other various type of event should focus on leveraging your brand and provide a forum for you to connect with your target audience. Ask yourself how do we best represent the brand? How do we support above-the-line marketing strategies? How do we make it a memorable experience?

Finding your market and connecting with them in a memorable way is more than just guess work. It is staggering how many events are run with the minimum of planning. People are willing to invest significant money putting events on but they tend to overlook the need to invest in planning and smart thinking.

Planning is crucial to any event not matter how small and intimate it may be. Critical paths, risk assessments, measurable results, budget control are essential tools when planning a successful outcome. You need to plan on maximising the number of touch points with guests. Plan on results or you can guarantee you are planing on a disaster.

With the correct planning the implementation of an event is the easy part. Ensure that every member of your event team have a run schedule of the event from start to finish so they aware of all timings. Rehearsals are imperative and why not consider professional speak training for all staff that will be presenting. An overall risk assessment is probably in the back of everyone’s minds but unless it is written down you are open to disaster. A good event company will also supply you with a thorough mitigation strategy to ensure you get a good result from your event no matter what.

And we’ve come full circle. The results of your event should be measurable or how do you know if you have achieved good value for your investment. Events are all about building strong long term partnerships with your prospects and clients. When all of the above factors work together they create a truly powerful experience that not only moves people but motivates them to act. Remember your customers and staff holds your future in their hands. They control your revenue, your profitability and they are the central point on which your economic performance balances. Events are a powerful opportunity to leverage your brand and promote your services to this influential group.

Handle Your Rental Business System Smoothly

Commodity Rental Software is the most comprehensive online rental business creator script today. It comes with a full E-Commerce Capacity and is ready to go, out of the box. Rental software can get your online rentals business up and running within a matter of hours. Built on a fully extendible and customizable platform, Commodity Rentals System makes use of open attribute architecture, allowing you to add your own rental attributes and create your own customized version of your online rental business.

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Not only will these help you structure your rental schemes but you can also avail of software that could help you manage your store’s rental files, customer information, payments, etc. And you can do these with just a few clicks; no need to jot down and scribble the information you need in journals and ledgers.

Video DVD, CD and Books Rental Business Management Software. This video rental software can be used to create an online rental business for adult video DVDs, CDs and books. It can also be customized to add the shopping cart module which can also provide your users an option to buy the video DVDs, CDs or books in addition to renting them. now also offers full customization services for the video rental system and we can practically make your business storefront look and function the way you want. One of the examples would be to add an independent storefront to sell additional items other than the video DVDs, CDs or Books. This storefront can work independently but still be connected to your main database and can work through a single user login.

Property management, as the name suggests, is meant to deal with the proper management services and scrutiny of various properties. Property management is a particular discipline of defining and achieving targets in matters of properties. At the same time, its primary purpose is to optimize the utilization of resources such as energy, space, time, people, technology and many others.

A few benefits of the software are: automatic creation of the standardized supporting documents and analysis; time-saving to great extent in negotiating and approving leases; and helping the company with updated information on all ongoing lease negotiations. offers the leading web-based vacation rental management software and marketing solutions. Learn how our secure, easy-to-use and tightly integrated marketing and management solutions simplify the management of your business.

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Investment Options In Lusaka, Zambia

The choice of investment ‘classes’ for investors in Zambia are spread among four main asset classes – equities, bonds, property and cash deposits. There are opportunities in sectors specialising in equities, bonds, precious metals, property, gilts, commodities, art and more.

It is vital you research each area of investment that interests you; the more you know the better your chances of making a profit. But before making any decisions about how or where you’d like to place your investment capital in Zambia, take time to undergo some financial self-analysis. Specifically, what you need to ask yourself is, ‘What is my response to risk?’
Low risk investors favour high interest savings accounts and government bonds these are issued by the Bank of Zambia, as they seek to preserve wealth and hates volatility.

Medium risk investors like “blue chip stock” when balanced with Triple A bonds, preferring a broad spread of investment classes.The Lusaka Stock Exchange makes it easy to buy and sell Zambian shares. The Lusaka Stock Exchange LUSE is an emerging markets.

Top tips for investing

- Indulge in a little financial self-analysis. Start by outlining a detailed plan of your financial objectives. What do you want to do with your money? By clearly identifying your goals, you will find it easier to pick the appropriate investment vehicles to achieve them.
- Review your plan regularly. Check that your strategy is delivering a proportionate balance between risk and return.
- Research the four main asset classes – equities, bonds, property and cash deposits. Understand their fundamental characteristics. This will help you to find the right mix of asset classes for your portfolio – a mix that matches your risk appetite with your financial objectives. Risk is a necessary element of asset management and one which all investors must build into their investment strategy.
- Always consider the downside to any investment opportunity as it is presented to you. Worthwhile decisions can only be made when the risk-reward ratio has been worked out.
- Risk is managed through diversification. Ensure your investment strategy encompasses a balanced approach in terms of geographic, sectoral and stock spread.
- Timing is critical for investment success. Sometimes, when stock prices are falling, you just have to cut your losses and run. But as a rule of thumb, the longer your investment horizon, the more your portfolio should be able to absorb market volatility – ‘time in’ is more important than ‘timing.’
- Remember that past performance is no indication of future outcome. When choosing investments which have generated strong returns don’t assume such momentum will continue. Investigate all the factors which have driven previous growth and ask your investment manager whether those factors are sustainable over the longer term.
- Check out the tax implications of every investment decision. Tax liabilities may impact on the profitability of a portfolio. Remember to consider any tax due in your country of residence as well as that which might fall due when you return to the home country. The extent of your liability will depend upon whether you have resident or non-resident tax status.

24 Things To Start And Run A Fertile Acupuncture Business

Point 1
Starting a successful business is not as hard as one might expect. If you start a business that you all ready have the skill set for then it’s just a matter of doing some reasonable promotion and away you depart.

Point 2

Point 3
Make sure that you install tracking software, in the event of being stolen your pc will then be traceable when theirs is connect it to the internet. You may not be able to find the people that stole it but the people that bought it can be identified.

Point 4
If you derive stuck for ideas then disappear through your business journal so you can remember ideas that you came up with before. Often ideas that will not work at the time you came up with will work for you later on as other things have changed.

Point 5
The most indispensable thing to conclude with a exasperated and difficult purchaser is not to react. Count to ten and then assume of how to respond. It is superior to have a well considered respond so if there is something that you expect to be a problem, like difficulty in finding parking or the office being too hot, then be prepared with an respond.

Point 6
When you pick a location for your Acupuncture business you may want to remember that there are a number of things to consider. It should be in a high enough traffic area so you secure the required number of possible customers to support your money earned requirement. It should be close by to your home because as you are the owner the last thing you want to execute is to have to travel for hours a week instead of spending that time on your business instead. Also if you secure a special request to disappear back to the office then you will be able to execute so quickly.

Point 7
Be critical on yourself. If you are creative you might find yourself doing the fun tasks rather then the ones that are going to generate business and earnings. Remember that you are not just in this to attain wintry things, you are here to produce money also. When selecting a task be sure that there is some excellent return on your investment. It is considerable to attain a few certainly fun things so you remain motivated also, just don’t gain carried away, bills have to be paid also.

Point 8
The core objective of marketing is to procure people to know, like and trust you and your Acupuncture. You have to expend your multiple marketing methods in unison to push your brand.

Point 9
If you find that a person is very negative to Acupuncture then try to talk optimistically about it. Mention other peoples experiences and how much benefit they got from the Acupuncture. Some people are just negative and need extra motivation to gain going with a purchase.

Point 10
Always reach to out your customer base as they can be the soul source of your business. If you have 50 seed purchasers and then you gather one additional customer every couple of months you will soon have a bumper book of purchasers.

Point 11
When view at opportunities don’t be discouraged if you experience you cannot ended all the steps yourself. Remember, every one is connected by six degrees of separation. If you quiz enough people you will fetch the benefit that you need to ended these tasks.

Point 12
Remember that you need to retain your ego under control. If you let your emotions and ego loose too much you might find yourself in a difficult situation. If you have a improper temper you need to work at it and when in a difficult situation then just consider of all the agreeable things that institute you enact what you are doing.

Point 13
Concentrate your time on revenue generating activities, like doing guerrilla marketing, making sales, prospecting and the like. Make sure you enact not let your self become taken up by administrative tasks. Even though the need to be done, they can easily be dragged out. Try allocating a small amount of time to them and adopt a mind set that as soon as they are done you can regain back to the fun stuff.

Point 14
Try to find review sites that provide reviews on Acupuncture offerings. Add your business details to the site then obtain your purchaser friends to submit reviews. Even throw in a few that aren’t so contented as to manufacture the statements more believable. People naturally believe the advice of other consumers over the word of sales staff.

Point 15
Make sure that all you close friends and family are carrying your business cards. In this way you are amplifying your chances of business opportunities. The more people that are spreading about you the word the more chances of getting business you are going to have.

Point 16
By having a photo on your business card and even on your website you will build trust and develop yourself more remember-able. If your not sure if this will work for you just believe back to a time when you saw an advertisement featuring the owners photo. How did it develop you perceive / touch and how easy was it to believe of them?

Point 17
Once you have finished the draft of the business plan content, manufacture sure that you write a conclusion. A conclusion should give the reader a positive feeling about the business and don’t be afraid to refer to some of the sections with very favourable points.

Point 18
Don’t forget that you don’t have to elope your business full time you can start off running it on weekends and nights from home/sub-leased section of a premise. Also more and more people are offering Acupuncture in a mobile fashion where the provider goes to the client’s home or office. A degree of safety needs to be considered when doing this, however it is an effective cost and scaling technique for Acupuncture businesses.

Point 19
Using both sides of your business card allows you to provide more information and makes a bigger impact on people. Cards made of different materials, with different shapes or edging can manufacture your card more memorable.

Point 20
Make sure that you take the high road with everything you accomplish in your business and public life. A successful sales stream is gained through trust and credibility. If people sense that you institute underhanded actions then they will tend to worry about you using similar strategies with them. For example if they see you using pirate software then they will wonder what other laws you are bending to institute more profit.

Point 21

Point 22
Remember positive thinking can reduce stress and maintain a healthy status. Many times if we need to procure something done we can divulge to ourselves that we will be ok until then. When we divulge it enough then we are well enough.

Point 23
As you have a Acupuncture business you should manufacture sure that there is ample parking around your store/office. If patrons have issues finding a park then they will be discouraged from coming back again.

Point 24
One of the suited things about having your own Acupuncture business is all the captivating people you will meet. Many wonderful friendships can be made while dealing with patrons and vendors and other people in the Acupuncture industry.

How To Start A Chauffeur Career

The chauffeur jobs are much like that of a glorified taxi driver. In fact, being a taxi driver is the best job to prepare you to become a chauffeur. You need to know your way around a city well. Knowing every back street and the closest routes to many destinations will be an aid to you, but since most trips will be arranged in advanced, you can get by with going by maps and a GPS system. You will need to be on time, and you may need to know basic mechanics and car maintenance if you own your own limousine.

The very first thing you will need to do is check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles. Some states require you to have a special license in order to be a chauffeur or a private hire driver. If you need a license, you will probably only need to pass a written test to get it, but skipping this step could land you in some trouble.

Next, decide if you want to work for yourself or for someone else. Working for yourself means buying a limousine and finding clients. Chauffeur clients are generally wealthy and are not looking for chauffeurs via flyers in the laundromat. You many be able to find a few clients from Craigslist ads or ads in the classified section in your local newspaper. However, if you do not have connections to potential clients when you start out, it might be better to subcontract with an existing company. When you have a loyal client base, you can then break off on your own and grow through referrals from your regular clients.

Some chauffeur companies have a fleet of limousines to work with. Other companies have some vehicles and allow drivers to join their company with their own vehicle. Depending where you stand on in the industry, either type of company may work well for you.

Not all chauffeur companies work with limousines. Some use different types of cars or minivans and drive around families. These companies might be good for those starting out who may feel uncomfortable in the formal setting of a limousine.

Courtesy is the key to being a successful chauffeur. You need to open and close the car door for your guests. You need to always be polite when engaging in small talk. As with taxi driving, you will need to read your guests. Some will talk your ear off, and others will not even notice your existence. Remember that you are providing a service, not looking for friends.

Start A New Career By Completing Correspondence Or Online Courses

Many people find themselves stuck in a dead end job and although they dream of having a terrific career, they cannot afford to stop working in order to go back to school and earn the diploma they need. Men and women who want to earn a diploma while holding down a full or part-time job should find out more about distance education. People can complete a high quality educational program by taking correspondence or online courses from home.

The Benefits of Distance Education

Distance education allows people to complete their lessons in their spare time. They can work on assignments before or after work and they do not have to worry about traveling to and from school. People can take the courses necessary to complete their high school education or they can take career courses that will give them the knowledge and skills necessary to start a brand new profession. Most people do not realize how many terrific diploma programs are currently available online. There are dozens of excellent correspondence courses available that can help a person start a brand new career. Men and women can take courses that help them to become an auto mechanic, interior decorator, florist, website designer or travel agent.

People who take correspondence courses can study at their own pace. Although distance education requires focus and discipline, many people prefer studying on their own rather than in a classroom setting. People who have trouble concentrating in a crowded classroom often find it easier to focus on their correspondence courses. Studying from home is especially convenient for parents. Working parents can hold down a job while earning their diploma and stay-at-home parents can save money on daycare costs by completing assignments online while their children are sleeping in the evening. Parents do not have to worry about missing classes when their children are sick because they can complete their lessons whenever it is convenient to do so. Once mom or dad completes their distance education program, they will be ready to begin a new rewarding career.

How Distance Education Works

People who enroll in a distance education program receive their course materials by mail. The educational institute sends lessons, textbooks and workbooks to the student’s home address. Once a student has completed a lesson, they are responsible for mailing their work to the educational institute or their teacher for evaluation.

Those who choose online education complete their coursework on a computer. Online education is a great option for anyone who has a computer and high-speed Internet access. People who take online courses still receive their lessons and textbooks through the mail. Personal assistance is available to all students and students can email their teacher to ask any questions they have about their assignments. While some online educators require students to take a supervised examination at the end of their course, other educational institutes offer open-book exams that students can complete from their home computer.

How To Work Your Business Proficient?

Are you looking for ways to make your company run more efficiently as well as more profitably?

Having current custom business software is the key to working a successful company. Making sure you have the most recent updates of computer software downloads will mean effectiveness for your company, thus affecting the annual profitability of your company. Keeping up with the technology will help you to stay ahead of the competition by giving instant and accurate results.

Computer software downloads are now presented in many forms, making it possible for company owners to purchase the form of business software they require to keep their business running smoothly and efficiently. One of the main benefits of having access to computer software downloads is that you have instantaneous access to the software program. No more fighting traffic to get to the local store and make the purchase. No more ordering it online and having to wait for the cd or DVD to come in the mail. With computer software downloads, you’ll have your computer software immediately.

Business software applications have evolved as computer software downloads and like the term “download” are used immensely. The online promotion tools available to the business owner will come in various ways such as specialized PDF’s, online videos, affiliate marketing software, email advertising, and there is no end in sight. Taking advantage of the business software applications on the internet can be another giant bonus to the entrepreneur. Whatever market you may be involved with, the amount of computer software downloads that are at your disposal is enormous.

Running a business, at best, is very demanding. It will be every bit as rewarding; however, as it is demanding when you have the right software to steer you along. The great thing about the internet is that it offers software and business works software for almost any platform, whether you happen to be using Windows, Mac or Linux. Downloading and installation of these applications consist of step-by-step instructions that are very simple to follow so your software will immediately be up and running doing whatever task you need it to do.

You can be self-assured that when you choose any of the new business software applications, you are getting a software download that will increase company efficiency. Computer software programs have been around for quite awhile and are backed with genuine guarantees because they are rated as high-quality software. When large businesses are using simple and easy step-by-step business software applications, it would be reason enough to follow their lead.

Because they’ve been around and successfully used, you don’t need to worry about being the first “guinea pig” to try out a new program. You’ll be getting a software program that is not only successful but one that you’ll want to have around for a long time.

Don’t waste another minute that could be spent making a success of your business. With the best business software, profitability is simply within your reach. By getting some of the great new computer software downloads, you can start seeing what type of profit your business is capable of making almost instantly. Regardless of what kind of internet marketing you’re involved in, you’ll discover computer software downloads to meet your needs!